by Alluvion

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released October 7, 2016

Produced, Written and Arranged by Alluvion
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Brian Carnes

Alluvion is John Harmon, Stephen Sullivan, Brian Carnes and Andy Murray.

Artwork and cover design by Alex Rudisill

"This release surely speaks out to the one's being open to travel between various sounds.You can take this as a sign that the music never get's boring or one-dimensional throughout the whole duration. But there's even more variation in them.

What I'd like to say is that the EP changes it's mood without warning. While the EP starts up rather epicly with the longer track "Exodus" it cracks you down quickly already with the second song "Heel of the Boot". It feels as if you're sitting in a rollercoaster. At one moment it was all fine and good but just around the corner the heavyness just kicks straight into the face. The next round goes to the title track that provides you with a moment to take a breath just before another ride start's with "Drop It" but this time more midtempo. It's the song with the most positive note on the whole record. "Critters" gives you a massive "kick-me-out" feeling with it's heavyness once again. Anyway I guess many of you'll want to follow the band once they'v had taste of it.

The cool thing in the band's style is that they added some shoegaze to their typical metal sound. If you like that style but prefer it to not dominate the band's sound with it's typical slowness and multi-layered song structures but instead have more typical metal elements with the music I think Alluvion's "Reverberations" are the definite place for you to check out. Just check the songs "Exodus" and the ending of "Critters" for more details on this.

The whole package comes free of charge. I'd like to ask you to give some bucks if you like it because making music ain't free. Artists have a lot of costs to cover just to entertain us the way they do so giving back is never a wrong thing.

Besides that this is the first download I came across that comes with MP4 files in them. Those nice goodies are short live video clips the band shared as preview items on their Facebook page. They show the live power and atmosphere of the band so they are a nice addition to the release and give a idea if you consider going to one of Alluvion's live shows (please do show up to give them your support).

On my Smartphone the cover as well as the lyrics were integrated into the mp3 files so they were displayed automatically upon selecting them with my player app. That was a cool surprise to me to have everything at hand with just one single click. The lyrics are rough and direct and speak clearly. If you want to have a message straight - this band provides it."

Heavy Metal Underdogs 2017



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Alluvion Fredericksburg, Virginia

Metal Band out of Fredericksburg, Virginia.

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Track Name: Exodus
The time has come for change. The path to take is clear. It's time to change our ways and ride this wave out of here.
Scare another kid into a believer. Cover her eyes up, so you can deceive her.
Separation is gone, on the Mothers of God, because I've got one flat foot on the face that you hide inside.
I'm gonna show you exactly what you and I could be. I'm gonna show you your own apathy, because our blood stains are on your hands.
You can rip me apart, but you won't find what you seek. Look in your blackened heart, I'm what you want to be.
All except for this time I took a ride in your sky. You said that I should just dive. I think that I should just dive.
Track Name: Heel of the Boot
Never in my fucking life have I seen another just as quick to slit your throat, or call you "brother."
Bring that shit around here and we'll force you under heel of the boot, as we continue to slaughter all you've ever loved.
Before you grow wings you inherently slither. From the moment you're born, you begin to wither.
All you've ever loved, you'll eventually ravage. All will fall victim to collateral damage.
Track Name: Drop It
Use it all, abuse me, already been there. But you know that I could never harm a hair on your head.
You take the knife back from overhead. I feel this situation is gone and dead. Drop it, get out of my head.
I still remember every word you said. It haunts my thoughts and every tear I've bled. Drop it, get out of my head.
All of the things you wanted from me never could have come true, because every day I would die a little when I'd wake up to you
Track Name: Critters
Just because they believe it, doesn't make it true. I don't think that you're a comedian, but I'm laughing at you.
You're not the smartest one I've ever known, if you think that we're all idiots. So you like to play games? This one is called "Excommunicate the hypocrite."
If they all drank the kool-aid, would you be gulping too? I don't think that you're a comedian, but we're fucking laughing at you.
You're not the smartest one we've ever known, if you think that we're all idiots. So you like to play games? This one is called "Excommunicate the hypocrite."
Sad clowns always were my favorite ironic disaster.